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The Hidden Treasures of L.A’s China Town

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Chinatown is rich with culture and tradition blended in the modern trappings of Los Angeles. If you are looking for the best in Oriental cuisine or just want to explore the shops and different attractions, Chinatown has a lot to offer anyone who visits there. Whether you’re just curious about the atmosphere or have a love for Chinese traditions, you’re sure to enjoy every minute!

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Chinatown Walking Tour

Chinatown has been in existence since as early as 1852. The Chinatown Walking Tour gives you a chance to roam the streets, walking from place to place and soaking up as much as the atmosphere as possible. From the aromas coming from the markets and restaurants to the colourful architecture and storefronts, there’s never a dull moment. You can find almost any type of souvenir or gift that is sure to please.

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Thien Hau Temple

Dedicated to Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess, Thien Hau Temple is extremely popular for Asian tourists as a place to worship, but it also attracts others because of its beautiful architecture and cultural significance. The Temple is considered to be one of the most beautiful structures in the area. The intricate decor gives a glimpse into the artistic talents and art forms associated with the Chinese.

Thien Hau Temple in chinatown los angeles

Far East Plaza

The Far East Plaza in Chinatown opened in 1976. As one of the most iconic and unique food courts in the area, people often put it on their list of specific destinations due to the fact that it offers such a variety of cuisine in one small location. Restaurants in the area are known to serve authentic Asian fare that is cooked traditionally and with all of the unique ingredients the culture is known for. They also cater to professional chefs and amateur cooks offering cookbooks and other items.

Far East Plaza los angeles

China Town Central Plaza

China Town Central Plaza is the place for all things Oriental. With the Oriental structures, the multitude of restaurants serving many different types of Asian cuisine, and the large number of shops, you can walk along the plaza experiencing many of the same sights and sounds you would experience if you were visiting downtown Shanghai or Hong Kong. The Plaza is one of the most popular tourist attractions for those who want to truly experience what it’s like in an Oriental community.

China Town Central Plaza los angeles

Ocean Seafood Restaurant

The Ocean Seafood Restaurant is one of the most traditional of the area’s Hong Kong style restaurants. Ocean Seafood is well-known as one of the premier restaurants if you are looking for a caterer for an event. During the day, you can walk in and order any number of traditional Chinese dishes, including a local favourite, Dim Sum. The restaurant has stages, satellite television playing sporting events, and even a dance floor for almost any kind of gathering.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant los angeles chinatown

Union Station

Union Station sits on the edge of Chinatown. As a hub of cultural diversity, Union Station is a working transportation hub for both buses and trains. There are many restaurants to choose from and areas where concerts can be held. The building has historical significance and its architecture takes you back to a time long ago. A time when travelling by train was the normal choice instead of just an option.

Union Station los angeles by chinatown

Chinatown has something to entice everyone. The unique cultural atmosphere is one that must be experienced to be fully understood. While walking down the streets of the community, it’s as if you’ve been transported across the globe to a city on Oriental shores. If you’re travelling to Los Angeles and want to experience something new and exciting, Chinatown is the place for you.


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