Top Queries

1What Is Included With Your TELAWAY Mobile Plan?
- Unlimited calls within the USA (incoming and outgoing!)
- Unlimited SMS in the USA
- Unlimited International SMS
- Unlimited international calling (incoming and outgoing!)
- Unlimited data (up to 50GB at 4G LTE speeds)!
- Your choice of SIM card sizes: regular, micro and nano.

2What Is Not Included?
- A phone! The TeAway SIM card is meant to be used with a smartphone that you already own! We do not provide phone rentals.
- Calls to Information, etc: Calls to 411 and other paid information services are not included.
3What is a SIM Card?
A SIM card is the chip inside your mobile device that tells it which network to use. The great thing is, when you travel to the USA, you can use your phone from home with an American SIM card! That's the TelAway product, an American SIM card with value-added services for our customers.

Phones with SIM cards work on GSM technology. The good news is most advanced smart phones are GSM. But if you're unsure, check your manual or a site like, or ask the company that sold you the phone.
4Is my mobile phone unlocked?
It should be!

How can I test it to be sure? The easiest way to check is to swap your own SIM with a friend's SIM (assuming your friend has a different carrier's chip). If the device turns on and works (i.e. can make calls) you are good to go! In case your device is not unlocked, contact your local mobile carrier - they will assist you in unlocking the device.
5How does billing work?
Payment is made via credit card. The charge will be applied to your account once your SIM ships out.
6I'm having so much fun in America, I want to extend my service! Can I?
You'll need to contact us directly about your case. We should be able to find a solution for you (and we're thrilled you're having a great trip!).
7Why was I sent two phone numbers?
TelAway makes it EASY for anyone to reach you!
Your local USA number is for anyone in the US or anywhere in the world to reach you. Remember, incoming calls are free!
Your virtual (follow-me) number is so you don't miss a call from back home!
You can forward your home mobile to your virtual number (see below), or just give the number out to the people you need to keep in touch with.
8How do I get all my calls from home while I'm in the US?
It's easy! Just activate the 'Follow Me' or 'Forward Calls' feature on your local mobile phone line, and have the calls diverted to your TelAway virtual number. All your voice calls will be sent to you in the USA!
Please note that SMS is not supported through the virtual number.
9What's your coverage like?
TelAway uses the T-Mobile network throughout continental United States for dependable, consistent coverage. See all of the coverage details in this coverage map
10What do I do if my data doesn't work?
*Push the Menu/Options button
*Tap New APN
*Tap Name and enter "T-Mobile" and tap OK
*Tap APN and enter "" and tap OK
*Tap Username and enter "None" and tap OK
*Push the menu button
*Tap SAVE, then press the back button
*Tap T-Mobile (to activate the new APN)