Free 'Follow-Me' Number

Never miss a call with TelAway!

Want everyone back home to be able to reach you?
TelAway provides you with a FREE follow-me number. With a follow-me number you can set up your phone to divert calls on your home mobile, so they follow you while you're in America!

How does a follow-me number work?
With your TelAway US SIM card you’ll receive two numbers:
1. A local USA number, i.e. +1-646-1234567
2. A local number, i.e. +44-123-456-7890

All you do is forward your mobile phone calls to your TelAway 'Follow Me' number (i.e. +44-123-456-7890) before boarding your flight to America. Now, all calls made to your local mobile phone will follow you to the USA… for no extra charge*!

Never miss a call. No need to tell anyone about how to reach you while you are away. They will just call your regular mobile number and reach you. EASY – SIMPLE – FREE! Of course, if you don't WANT your cares and worries to follow you to the USA, you don't have to set up the divert to your Follow-Me number. But you can still give the regular number out to family members or whomever you like!
*Please confirm with your local local carrier about any charges for diverted calls.

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