TelAway USA SIM cards couldn’t be easier!

No installation process, no programming settings

With a TelAway USA SIM card all you have to do when you land in America is remove your original SIM from home (put it in a safe place for when you get back!) and replace it with your TelAway USA SIM card. Turn your phone on, and you’re all set!

Your TelAway SIM will connect to the network - and you're ready to go.
TelAway SIM cards offer convenience and outstanding unlimited service. It's that simple.

it's a simple sim swap Still worried about installation? Or maybe you prefer to manually configure the settings for your TelAway SIM card? No problem. We provide easy user guides to set up the service - just check your confirmation email.

Choose the SIM card with THE MOST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. Choose TelAway and start saving now!