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New York by Night: Discover the City’s Trending Nightclubs
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The Hidden New York Nightlife for Couples

Travelling to the USA isn’t complete without a trip to perhaps the most famous city in America – New York. The density of the city, however, can quickly become a nuisance if you do not have a lead on a few happening places before you touch down. Once you have a “homebase” of sorts, you can either soak in the culture of that location or use it as a springboard to explore the surrounding area.

The Pegu Club

Stationed right on Greene Street in the nightlife hub of New York’s SoHo district, Pegu Club has one of the best drink selections in the area with ambiance to match. You get a good mix of rowdy club scene and quiet bar as well. Pegu is known as one of the in-the-know locations that began the cocktail revolution in the city, so it also has one of the best happy hours in New York as well.

Never Sleep Alone

This speakeasy and comedy club is best known for its unique icebreakers. During the show, the host and regular Dr. Alex gives the audience cheeky tips on “how to never sleep alone.” After the show, the venue changes into a more intimate after party that is known to create an atmosphere for meeting new people. You also get free glass of champagne as soon you walk through the door, so there is no downside to trying the place out. Why is this a great place for couples? Watching the meat market, of course! You will see lots of them here laughing and blessing their lucky stars that they no longer have to go through this rigamarole.

Swing 46

Although this is a swing bar, you can ask for a more private seat that is away from the music. Many couples go back and forth between the two areas, because the dancing can get quite addictive! The performances are themed from top to bottom on 40s and 50s swing, from the costuming to the voice tenor of the great singers they host.

Nublu Classic

Nublu Classic is a club with so many scenes that you can get a different experience each night that you go. You can get great karaoke some nights or a very intimate show from some surprisingly big bands in the admittedly small main room. You get the real dive bar experience because the lights and the production of the bar leave a bit to be desired. However, that’s not the reason to go. You get to know people, you hear great music, and most of all, you feel like you are in on one of the best kept secrets in New York City.

Norwood Club

If you are a couple that considers yourself a part of the “art community,” then you will feel right at home at Norwood Club. Norwood is known as the gatekeeper for underground New York art. Everyone who is anyone in the city has come through here with a gallery. You never know who you may meet here. The club is also a welcome oasis from the more stodgy atmosphere of upstate New York, which can become tiring if that is all you are doing. Skip the tourist attractions and get an experience that comes right to the heart of the city.

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